As a holistic wellness studio, we hope to bring together facilitators, healers, therapists, and practitioners alike into

this space to connect and better our total self: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We grow; we heal.


Our bi-monthly classes and workshops happening every second and last Wednesday of each month will always be kept small of no more than 5 per class to allow for a more intimate and undivided session. 



Ian Lam is the founder of Pharos Holistic Wellness, a wellness centre in Singapore that specialises in providing carefully curated healing chambers, enhanced by advanced harmony generating tools and devices, for deep therapeutic and transformative experiences. 


Raised in a family that subscribed to only natural and alternative health care modalities, Ian started his journey of alternative healing when his own interests of esoteric spirituality and metaphysics converged with his family’s bio-resonance practice. Since 2013, his focus has been to research and experiment with different practices and modalities that bring harmony and balance on the internal plane.


That chosen path has lead him to be initiated at various sacred sites and power spots around the world, learning different healing modalities from various healers and practitioners and to meet different developers of harmony generating tools and devices.  


Ian's mission is to discover, develop and to share tried and tested solutions that have worked for him to others who are seeking balance and harmony on all levels of their being, to empower individuals to take charge of their own wellbeing within and without.





6PM & 8PM (60 MINS EACH)


Join us for an evening of deep exploration of your inner world, immersed in harmonic frequencies of light and sound. The curated experience engages all senses by employing advanced light therapy devices, harmonically tuned sound tracks, calming blue lotus tea and special blends of essential oils to facilitate a vibrant and dynamic flow of energy in your holistic system. 

When we fall sick or experience any form of imbalance, the cause of it is usually due to energetic blockages in our system. The blockages are most often caused by emotions that we repress due to our unwillingness to experience or face them for what they are. 

The harmonic frequencies found in natural geometries, minerals, colours, sounds, and scents aid in correcting unnatural blockages in our energy channels and centres by cleansing and energising our energetic system, ultimately moving stagnant energies. This provides relief as energy spent holding on to these emotions are freed up for the body and mind to naturally heal itself.

6pm & 8pm: Full Sensory Immersive Experience

with harmonic frequencies of Light and Sound using the Astral Star Light therapy device, Hemi-sync Tracks, Blue Lotus Tea and specially blended essential oils.

Yoga Mats, Pillows and Blankets will be provided. We recommend wearing active wear or comfortable attire. Limited capacity available - only 5 pax per session. Safe distancing measures will also be in place during the sessions.